Our governance

Metro Vancouver’s Regional Employers Services is governed by Greater Vancouver Regional District Bylaw 1182 and by the Terms of Reference for the Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Function.

In 2013, Bylaw 1182 was approved by Metro Vancouver’s Board, positioning Regional Employers Services as a service-oriented organization. When Bylaw 1182 was established, the service transitioned from a regulatory function to a service-oriented function, with increased autonomy for members as well as regional coordination on matters of importance to the region.

In addition, the Bylaw established that information and advisory services (formerly "Base Services") are provided to all member municipalities as part of their membership. Collective bargaining services and compensation services are offered on an optional, fee-for-service basis.

Our governance, membership, costs allocation model, functions, and principles are outlined in detail in the Terms of Reference. In addition, the Terms of Reference identifies that RES reports to the Function Oversight Committee.


The Function Oversight Committee

The Labour Relations Function Oversight Committee (LRFOC) is composed of Chief Administrative Officers or City Managers from Metro Vancouver’s local governments, and an elected Chair. The Chair of the Oversight Committee, in conjunction with the Director of Regional Employers Services, provides updates to the Regional Administrative Advisory Committee and the Metro Vancouver Mayors Committee on regionally significant human resources and labour relations issues.


The Human Resources Advisory Committee

The Human Resource Advisory Committee is a standing committee composed of senior Human Resource leaders from all of the municipalities within the Metro Vancouver region. It meets on a monthly basis to share information and collaborate on issues of common concern.

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