COVID-19 Update Related to Metro Vancouver Regional Employers Services

Regional Employers Services continues to provide all services to our Member Jurisdictions. This includes providing resources and advice relating to employment issues and practices surrounding COVID-19.

If you require additional information or would like to contact with a member of the team, please contact or call 604-451-6558.

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RES is an integrated, multidisciplinary team serving municipal employers and related clients throughout the region. RES offers complete or “360 degree” client support through integrated solutions that include information and advisory services, collective bargaining services, and compensation services.

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Managing a Remote Workforce a Remote Workforce<div class="ExternalClass737E180485804E09B94FAFD7BC68A573"><p>​In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have transitioned to remote workforces, leaving leaders to determine how to most effectively manage this unexpected remote workforce.  This publication identifies the common challenges associated with remote work and some simple yet effective ways to overcome them.  </p></div>,,
Ontario Passed Legislation to Cap Public Sector Wage Increases Passed Legislation to Cap Public Sector Wage Increases<div class="ExternalClassEE0066CC2AC1458F8F74846D3E5A5AD3"><p>​Further to the June 6, 2019 Legislative Briefing regarding the Ontario Government's proposed legislation to cap public sector wage increases, Bill 124, <em>Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, </em>has passed.  The legislation will cap public sector wage increases at an average of one percent annually for three years.</p></div>,,
Injunction Against Alberta Public Sector Wage Bill is Overturned Against Alberta Public Sector Wage Bill is Overturned<div class="ExternalClassE961D62F718747C09390CDF578AB0F80"><p>​Further to the July 4, 2019 Legislative Briefing regarding the Alberta Public Sector Wage Arbitration Deferral Act, a judge granted an injunction that would have prevented the government of Alberta from implementing this legislation, but the injunction has since been overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal.   </p></div>,,

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