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Regional Employers Services (RES) is an integrated, multidisciplinary team serving municipal employers and related clients throughout the region. RES offers complete or “360 degree” client support through integrated solutions that include information and advisory services, collective bargaining services, and compensation services.

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Mandatory Certification for Ten Trades Certification for Ten Trades<div class="ExternalClassACCFA02FCB83411FBEA00C3179541E72"><p>​<span lang="EN-CA" style="font-size:11pt;line-height:115%;font-family:calibri, sans-serif;color:#333333;">On June 11, 2021, the government announced mandatory certification for ten trades. The Skilled Trades Certification will require all workers of selected trades to either be a registered apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) or a certified journeyperson (ex. Red Seal) in order to legally work in that trade. Additionally, the government will be introducing journeyperson-to-apprentice ratios for each of the ten trades.</span><br></p></div>,, Mandatory Certification for Ten Trades
Bill 6, The Accessible British Columbia Act, Recieves Second Reading 6, The Accessible British Columbia Act, Recieves Second Reading<div class="ExternalClassD86942DC566C4E0A8E8444B2E8CB0554"><p>​On May 10, 2021, Bill 6 received second reading. The legislation proposes to allow government to establish accessibility standards and regulations aimed at identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to accessibility and inclusion. While not confirmed, it is possible that accessibility regulations may be extended to local government. <br></p></div>,, Bill 6, The Accessible British Columbia Act
Post Pandemic Remote Workforces Pandemic Remote Workforces<div class="ExternalClass44FEC3FCFFDE43429E6E0AB9451FC6DF"><p>​As businesses start to re-open, many are contemplating a longer term, post pandemic standard of allowing employees to work from home.  Google has raised the possibility of a permanent shift in workplace policy that would see remote work as the new norm.  Many others are following suit.   </p></div>,,

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