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RES is an integrated, multidisciplinary team serving municipal employers and related clients throughout the region. RES offers complete or “360 degree” client support through integrated solutions that include information and advisory services, collective bargaining services, and compensation services.

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PAY TRANSPARENCY ACT (BILL 203) TRANSPARENCY ACT (BILL 203)<div class="ExternalClass4DC4434FFA004A82B2A15B74FE71BDC9"><p>​On March 6, Bill 203, Pay Transparency Act, 2018 was introduced in the Ontario legislature. Bill 203 is aimed at reducing wage gaps across disadvantaged groups in the province of Ontario by establishing requirements related to the disclosure of information about the compensation of employees and prospective employees.<br></p></div>, PAY TRANSPARENCY ACT (BILL 203), PAY TRANSPARENCY ACT (BILL 203)
Supreme Court of Canada Decision Re Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace Court of Canada Decision Re Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace<div class="ExternalClassC52B9CB9224B4EF8AB451E768B6D09C1"><p>The Supreme Court of Canada issued a decision last week confirming that the prohibition on discriminatory conduct in employment in the BC Human Rights Code extends to employees employed by different employers, provided a sufficient connection to the complainant's employment can be established.<br></p></div>,, Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace
MSP Premiums - One Change Announced, Another Change Awaited Premiums - One Change Announced, Another Change Awaited<div class="ExternalClassD99404D3C6A348269DC645D1D411EC3D"><p>Effective January 1, 2018, the Government of British Columbia is reducing and Medical Service Premiums. The BC Government has not yet announced how it intends to recover the lost revenue, which might include an employer payroll tax. RES will continue to follow developments with respect to MSP premiums and any replacement funding source.<br></p></div>,, MSP Premiums

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