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RES is an integrated, multidisciplinary team serving municipal employers and related clients throughout the region. RES offers complete or “360 degree” client support through integrated solutions that include information and advisory services, collective bargaining services, and compensation services.

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Employer Gives Negative But Truthful Reference Gives Negative But Truthful Reference<div class="ExternalClass66F3FEA2F979481B8541E350E8BC9A94"><p>​<span lang="EN-US">The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently found an employee’s defamation claim against his previous employer for an unfavourable reference could not succeed because the reference was justified and fell “within the range of qualified privilege".</span></p></div>, Employer Gives Negative But Truthful Reference, Employer Gives Negative But Truthful Reference
Engineers & Female Inclusivity & Female Inclusivity<div class="ExternalClass403526EF3F9245EB83E1F9BD62F5C800">Recent research on sex segregation programs reveal interesting insights with respect to opportunities for employers to support female engineers and, more broadly, to create inclusive and diverse workforces. </div>,, Engineers & Female Inclusivity
Rights and the Accommodation Process and the Accommodation Process<div class="ExternalClassFBEE5A8C38AF46C5926858EDB0E9FFFC">What are the union and employer rights related to the accommodation process? A recent appeal to the British Columbia Supreme Court provides clarity. </div>,, Rights and the Accommodation Process

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