Information & Advisory Services

Information and Advisory Services assists municipalities in achieving a stable and positive employment climate by providing advice and research, coordination on issues of common interest, and specialized support on matters related to human resources and labour relations. Information & Advisory Services produces publications related to human resources and labour relations and are found here.


Services for members

  • Advice and research for arbitration and other human resource and labour relations issues, including advocacy services and coordination of legal issues of common interest to employers.
  • Research and data initiatives including collecting workforce data, ​conducting financial analysis, updating benchmarking and settlement trends, analyzing economic trends, and reporting on emerging human resource and employment issues.
  • Leadership and innovation with respect to human resources and labour relations issues.
  • Coordination with municipalities across Canada of human resources and labour relations information including police and fire settlement trends.
  • Liaising with external service providers common to our member municipalities.


We provide human resources and labour relations information about a workforce that numbers over

19,000 full-time employees working in a variety of capacities.


​*Police data includes only those municipalities that provide police services locally and excludes municipalities that contract services via the RCMP.

**"Other employees" include unionized employees who are not included within Inside, Outside, Fire or Police collective agreements. These positions are covered in unique collective agreements and commonly impact groups of employees such as library staff, museums staff, foremen, civilians, etc.

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