Our team

Metro Vancouver’s Regional Employers Services (RES) is a multidisciplinary team serving municipal employers and other related employers throughout the region. ​RES reports to the General Manager of Human Resources and Housing Services, Donna Brown. For more information, click here. Please feel free to contact us at RES360@metrovancouver.org or 604-451-6558.


Jacquie Griffiths, Director of Regional Employers Services

Tamara Durkin, Office Coordinator


Darryl Ainsley, Division Manager, Collective Bargaining Services

Tiffany Chung, Negotiator

Alex Kolewe, Labour Relations Coordinator

Paul Just, Labour Relations Coordinator


Rob D'Angelo, Division Manager, Information & Advisory Services and Compensation

Colleen Fournier, Senior Compensation Advisor

Marco Aquila, Compensation Advisor

Sue Israel, Compensation Advisor

Nicole Parisi, Compensation Advisor (on leave)

Katie Fitzmaurice, Senior Regional HR Advisor

Harman Sandhu, Regional HR Advisor

Shubhneet Sandhu, Regional HR Advisor (on leave)